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Preparing and lodging your Business Activity Statement can take precious time. Time you could and should be spending on more valuable areas of your business. Lodging your business BAS statement is a crucial task, but it does not have to be a chore. Let us help you by allowing us to manage this stressful task.


We offer a tailored service including all necessary payroll reporting, superannuation and PAYG. We will process payroll, calculate tax to be withheld, issue payslips, handle payment summaries, manage and track superannuation and manage all the lodgements with the ATO for you.


We can process your accounts based on bank statements, invoices and bills, keeping you up to date and on track. We will compare your records with what actually goes through the bank to pick up any issues. We can generate regular accounting reports including Profit & Loss Statements and Balance Sheets so you can see how your business is going.


Not just a Bookkeeping Service, we can also offer general administration assistance, business planning, marketing strategies, E-newsletters, social media assistance, staff appraisals and more. Perhaps you would like to go away on holidays but have no one to take care of business while you are gone? We can cover that too.

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Tally and Tick began in 2015 as a kitchen table start up. Rebecca used the skills gained in her career to go from Boot Strapped to Success, taking on her first employee in just 8 months. She has a passion for small business and wants to help other business owners find the same success. She now offers her wealth of knowledge and experience to other start ups to ensure their success and longevity, helping our regions growth.

At Tally and Tick we pride ourselves on the relationships we form with our clients, allowing us to give a more personal service. We prefer to work with you, not for you, tailoring our services to what you need. We can provide you training on how to use your accounting program so that you can perform some tasks yourself if you choose. It really is true that if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Our founder Rebecca really loves seeing others succeed and her passion radiates through the team.

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